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1. We are strictly a PG-13 site. Explicit sexual content, excessive cursing and graphic violence and gore are prohibited. And that goes for pornographic/steamy pictures for avatars and signatures as well. If you are unsure, please ask any of the staff members for clarification.

2. All registered members must be 13+ years of age to join.

3. One account per member.

4. Never ask or provide your personal information to anyone on this site.

5. Always respect your fellow members.

6. Please don't advertise or spam anywhere on the forum and in chat (that goes for PMs as well). You are, however, allowed to advertise your site in the 'affiliate' section. It's guest friendly.

7. We allow .gif, .jpg, and .png avatars/signatures. Sigs must be less than 500 x 230.

8. COMMUNICATION IS KEY! Try and stay in contact with your partners at all times. Let them know if you're experiencing writer's block, not feeling up to it, you need to take a break, or you want to drop the roleplay(s). Nobody likes a person who suddenly disappears without an explanation and/or completely ignores them.

9. Never steal or plagiarize someone else's characters/plots/stories.

10. Don't ever criticize someone's work without their consent. Constructive criticism only.

11. Keep all threads/roleplays in their proper section.

12. All roleplays must be written in 3rd person.

13. Be sure to label your partner request/roleplay titles correctly using the following label(s): [OPEN] [CLOSED] [1X1] [GROUP] [MXF] [MXM] [FXF] [MIXED]

14. All threads and roleplays will be archived after four weeks of inactivity.

15. And above all else! Please have fun!!!

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